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Find out more information about the Internship Makers process for our internship service abroad, how to finance your stay and getting your VISA to make your departure easier!

The 6 easy-steps process for our Internship Service

Step 1 – Registration
Fill out your registration form, choose your destination and package

Step 2 – Personal interview with Internship Makers
An Internship Makers agent will contact you to better understand your needs and your profile. This will help us in finding you the perfect internship.

Step 3 – Internship search
An Internship Makers agent, recruitment professional, will send you a list of several internship offers that match your request. You will rank the offers by order of preference. Then, we will review your CV and send it to the companies you chose. We send only one CV per internship offer we have so that you are not in competition with other Internship Makers’ students.

Step 4 – Interview with the company
As soon as we receive a positive answer from a company that wants to interview you, an 80 Euros deposit is required. Internship Makers will help you prepare this interview to ensure you succeed, thanks to an advice booklet and pre-interviews in English (or Spanish or French) with one of our agents.

Step 5 – Signature of your training agreement
When the company decides to take you on board, to receive your internship agreement signed by this host company, we do request payment of the balance due, which includes your particular package and any additional services you’ve chosen.

Step 6 – Departure preparation
Internship Makers provides you at no charge a practical handbook, depending on your chosen destination, a city map and a public transportation map, as well as a handy « help you guide» that you’ll want to keep with you at all times (useful addresses, telephone numbers, etc)

Finance your departure abroad through scholarships

Students are sometimes reluctant to go abroad because of a limited budget. Don’t be! There are many scholarships available to help. Internship Makers recommend you to check with the International Relations Office of your school, the Ministry of Education, Regional Councils or General boards.

Scholarships often range from 100 Euros to 6000 Euros. Depending upon where you live and from which country you come from, you should be able to obtain some very helpful financial support- the kind that can make a big difference!

Some examples of grants…

For European Union nationals:

  • The ERASMUS grant stage (400 Euros)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci award / website (130 Euros per week + up to 550 Euros for a plane ticket reimbursement)

For French:

  • The scholarship mobility aid issued by the CROUS
  • The scholarship Pierre Ledoux (2000-2500 Euros)
  • Do not forget exchanges Councils and Regional Councils.

For Spanish:

  • Beca FARO / website (625-1100 Euros)
  • Goya Mundus / website (2600-3200 Euros)
  • Becas ARGO Global / website (480-1300 Euros)

For Americans:

  • CIEE / website
  • Federal Pell Grants / website (5550 $)
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant / website (100$ to 4000$)

For Latin America:

  • Becas sin Fronteras / website
  • Fundacion Beca / website
  • ICETEX, Programa Internacional de Intercambios (Practicas Empresariales) / website
  • Beca CONACYT / website

You can also contact us for more information. Internship Makers we will send you our brochure of various kinds of available grants and scholarships.

Getting a VISA

Being a student and going to do an internship abroad does not necessarily exempt you from getting a visa. However, a visa is not always required, as it depends on a number of criteria: the country where you are from, agreements between your country and the destination and how long you will stay in the country of destination.

Nationals of the European Union or Schengen do not need a VISA to travel to London, Paris, Madrid or Malta (Only the ID is needed).

There are a multitude of different visas: Long Stay Visas for France, J-1 Visas to the U.S. Tier 4 Visas to the U.K., Student Visas to Spain… We recommend you to contact the embassy of the chosen destination as soon as possible, in order to get a visa if necessary. Note that for some countries (ie the United States), the visa application process can be very long. Consequently make sure you apply early enough (at least 3 months before departure).

Should you need further information, feel free to contact our Internship Makers team, we will do our best to assist you.

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