Our internship and accommodation services abroad

Looking for a work placement, an accommodation or an experience abroad?

Let’s not waste time pointlessly seeking companies which do not even condescend to give any answer to your internship applications. Forget wasting time looking for accommodation in a foreign country and fall on suspicious owners. It’s not worth spending whole days searching for information about your destination country. Do not stress over !

Internship Makers, creator of customised internships abroad will take care of everything for you!

Internship Makers is an international agency specialising in finding internships and accommodations overseas. Our dynamic and multicultural team strives to provide you custom-made solutions tailored to fit your needs to ensure you an unforgettable stay.

Rewarding internships abroad

Our top flight professional recruitment agents will pinpoint for you a professional internship that matches your expectations and your profile for the desired destination (United Kingdom, Malta, Spain, Ireland, Australia, France, Netherlands, USA, Chile, etc.)

We offer a wide spread choice of top flight international internships in many fields:

Business internships :

Our services - tourisme

International trade

Human Resources / Recruitment

Business development

Our services - communication



Our services - public relation

Public Relations

Our services - marketing



Real estate

Our services - management




Finance and insurance internships :

Our services - finance



Our services - comptabilite



Tourism internships :

Tour operators

Our services - tourisme

Tourism agency

Our services - hotellerie

Hotel internship

Our services - catering


Event and show


Technical internships :

Our services - informatique

IT internship

Our services - programming


Our services - design

Design internship

Our services - web dev

Web development

Mobile application development

Our services - audiovisuel



Our services - architecture


Our services - medical

Medical & Health

And many others ...

Guaranteed accommodation abroad

Internship Makers realized that finding accommodation overseas on one’s own can be very complex and without any warranty (dishonest landlord, poor-quality accommodation…). At our agency, we always do everything we can to make your stay as hassle free and without stress as you deserve!

Rest assured that our agents and partners will select and offer you accommodations that suit your budget and your criteria. From your own room in a shared apartment to a full-board in a host family, we will find a housing solution for you, making sure that you travel worry-free!

All accommodations are fully equipped and furnished so that you can just pose your bags and feel at home!

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Personalised support for your internship abroad

Right from the start of your registration until the very end of your internship in a foreign country, Internship Makers fully guarantees a high-quality service of personalised and full service support assistance, always available, wherever you are.

We will find you a professional internship related to your career plan and an accommodation that suits you.  We will review your resume and coach you before each interview with our partner companies to ensure your success.

Before your departure, we will send you a guide about your chosen destination (maps, tips, important addresses…). Once there, we will get you in contact with other international students, organize activities and of course, we will check that your stay runs smoothly.

We know it is difficult to go abroad on one’s own, but thanks to Internship Makers you are not alone anymore, you can contact us for any request or emergency and we will gladly help you. What could be more reassuring for parents?

Moreover, we’re also ready and able to assist you in all your administrative steps: scholarships, social security, visas, insurances…

Flexibility for your internship
and/or accommodation packages

Internship Makers’ service is flexible!  You can either subscribe to our packages separately or combine them for a greater experience. For example, you can totally decide to use our service “Internship abroad” and search for housing by yourself or you can ask us to find your room for you. You are totally free!

Our services - stage


Our services - logement


Our services - stage logement


You can also add complementary services to your chosen package in order to best fit your needs, all for a minimum service fee. Whatever you are looking for, one of our top professionals is ready to work with you on a person to person basis.

Complementary services

Having developed multiple partnerships, Internship Makers offers English, Spanish or French courses, which you can easily combine with your internship, as well as transportation from and to the airport in the foreign country you chose for your work placement overseas.

Have a specific request? No problem, we’re there to help you all the way to your internship experience abroad – contact us.

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Your internship experience abroad at a fair price

At Internship Makers, we truly think that internships abroad are unique experiences in life, so enriching that every student should have the opportunity to intern in a foreign country at least once! That’s why we offer our clients complete packages, with personalized support and services responding to all their requirements at a fair price !

Moreover, our fee is only due once Internship Makers received the student’s internship agreement signed by the host company.

Transparency is also important for us, so please find hereunder our packages prices according to the destinations:

(housing upon request)
900€Housing upon request
NEW YORK1459€1159€300€

Internship Makers fees are fixed and only payable once (not monthly), they do not include the monthly rent of accommodation (which may vary according to the destination / type of accommodation, and the rent is directly due to the owner)

Risk-free Registration

Registration is free!

At Internship Makers, we are just like you: we want results and we want them fast! Why should we ask you to pay a fee before finding you this amazing internship that you definitely need?

Forget about administration fees that other companies may ask you: our clients only pay us when we are sure we have a suitable opportunity for them. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and start your next work experience in a foreign country!

If you are still not sure about something, do not hesitate to take a look at our terms and conditions or simply call us, we will be glad to explain you our placement process.