Your internship in Australia

Do you have the heart of an adventurer? Do you want to do your internship on the other side of the world and discover a completely unique island?

Then Australia is the ideal destination for you to do your internship abroad!

Internship package for Australia

Your INTERNSHIP package for Australia includes the services:

  • Internship – Personalised support
  • You can also associate additional services upon request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase)

The internship service

  • An interview with your personal Internship Makers agent
  • A review of your resume
  • Proposals of internship offers in Australia matching your expectations, skills and level of English
  • A personalised coaching session before the interview with the company to ensure your success
  • The organisation of an interview appointment with the company
  • The signature of your internship agreement

The personalised support

  • A personal Internship Makers agent for all your questions and requests
  • A practical handbook guide about life in Australia
  • A «smooth stay» monitoring support service
  • A map of Australia
  • Getting you in contact with other students in Australia


Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment

Accommodation package for Australia

Your ACCOMMODATION package for Australia includes the services:

  • Accommodation – Personalised support.
  • You can also associate additional services on request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase).


  • The search for your accommodation in Australia: a room in a shared apartment or a host family according to your preferences
  • A place close to the location of your host company
  • A rent within your budget (as far as possible)
  • Pictures and description of the flat or the host family before acceptance
  • All accommodations are furnished and equipped
  • Reception of the keys and incoming/outgoing walk-thru inventory
  • The option to switch accommodation (based on a valid reason and availability)


Internship Makers fees are fixed and only payable once (not monthly), they do not include the monthly rent of the accommodation.
Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment


Extra services for your internship in Australia


Transfer Arrival / Departure


English courses
at a qualified language school

Why intern in Australia ?

Located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, this legendary land is rich in culture, history, people, landscapes and has some of the most breathtaking and extraordinary animals. Did you ever saw a kangaroo, a koala, or a platypus ? We mean… in real life?  What about discovering an entire new world during your next professional experience abroad ?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth are destinations that you always dreamt about, and now you have the opportunity to make your dream become a reality! An internship in Australia will give you the chance to improve your English as well as opening yourself to a unique culture and boosting your CV.

Which industries are best for my work placement in Australia?

Almost all of them! The “Southern Land” is full of work experience opportunities, so should you be studying Business, Marketing / Communication, Human Resources, Finance or Engineering for example, do not hesitate to have a look at our latest internship vacancies in Australia!

So get ready to intern in Australia! Thousands of businesses are ready to welcome you for this amazing experience abroad!

With its 1.5 to 2% economic growth every year, Australia ranks amongst the 20th largest economies of the world in terms of GDP and its economy predominantly relies on services.

In Australia you will find large multinationals such as Woolworths, a major supermarket chain and liquor retailer and the second largest company in Australia in terms of revenues, Westpac Banking Corporation one of the leader financial services providers, or Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company. There are also large media firms such as Fairfax Media or News Corporation, Australia’s main two media companies.

Internship Makers’ team will find for you the most suitable work placement in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. We will even find accommodation for you if necessary, so why hesitate, start your adventure today!

Places to visit and things to do during a traineeship in Australia?

During your internship in Australia you will have the opportunity to do plenty of extraordinary things such as seeing the sacred rock of Uluru, the vast desert of Bush, or discovering where Aborigines live, not to mention going to the largest barrier reef in the world to dive with fish. And of course you can’t leave without learning how to surf!

Whatever you are looking for in your life it is outside of your comfort zone! So just go, watch the whales at Hervey Bay, rent a car, get some friends on board and feel the freedom of a 243 kilometers ride on the Great Ocean Road, in the south of Australia!

You could also decide to gather with your friends and eat some Chiko Rolls together on your way to a rugby match or sit at a café terrace and enjoy a “flat white” with a sweet piece of lamington.

While interning in Australia, you will have unforgettable encounters and experiences, for sure!

You are young, you could do anything you want, so browse our internship offers for Australia, find the best internship opportunity for you and pack your things! It’s time to travel!




Its climate, beautiful waterfront and its vibrating nightlife make Melbourne one of the most appealing destinations in Australia.



Do not search anymore! Completing your internship in Sydney is the best choice you could ever make!