Your internship in Paris

Going to Paris for your internship ? What an incredible way of developing your skills for getting a truly solid foothold in today’s job market! Recently elected by the British research firm QS as «the best city in the world for students», Paris is one of the most sought after cities in Europe! So…When are you departing for this unique experience abroad ?

Internship package for Paris

Your INTERNSHIP package for Paris includes the services:

  • Internship – Personalised support
  • You can also associate additional services upon request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase)
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The internship service

  • An interview with your personal Internship Makers agent
  • A review of your resume
  • Proposals of internship offers in Paris matching your expectations, skills and level of English
  • A personalised coaching session before the interview with the company to ensure your success
  • The organisation of an interview appointment with the company
  • The signature of your internship agreement
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The personalised support

  • A personal Internship Makers agent for all your questions and requests
  • A practical handbook guide about life in Paris
  • A «smooth stay» monitoring support service
  • A map of Paris
  • Getting you in contact with other students in Paris
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Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment

Accommodation package for Paris

Your ACCOMMODATION package for Paris includes the services:

  • Accommodation – Personalised support.
  • You can also associate additional services on request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase).
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  • The search for your accommodation in Paris: a room in a shared apartment or a host family according to your preferences
  • A place close to the location of your host company
  • A rent within your budget (as far as possible)
  • Pictures and description of the flat or the host family before acceptance
  • All accommodations are furnished and equipped
  • Reception of the keys and incoming/outgoing walk-thru inventory
  • The option to switch accommodation (based on a valid reason and availability)
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Internship Makers fees are fixed and only payable once (not monthly), they do not include the monthly rent of the accommodation.
Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment

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Extra services for your internship in Paris

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Transfer Arrival / Departure

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English courses
at a qualified language school

Why go to Paris for your internship in French ?

Just imagine: cafes bubbling with animated discussions, charming little shops, romantic walks along the Seine River banks…. Getting lost in this huge historic town while enjoying its marvellous and rich architecture! Sounds amazing right? Paris is a world renowned capital that attracts more than 30 million foreign visitors a year, so why aren’t you already there? You will for sure love doing your Internship in Paris.

What kind of internship opportunities has Paris to offer ?

Paris is the political and economic capital of France. Its economy is principally based on services and commerce, with the majority of the French leading companies having their headquarters in the city, particularly in the notorious business district of « la Defence ».

Of course Paris is widely recognized for its Luxury, Fashion and Cosmetics industry however you will also find there major banking, insurance, telecommunication, or mass retail companies ready to host you for your next international internship.

So pack your things and get ready to start a bright future career by a work placement in Paris.

Our trustworthy experts not only provide you the internship that you’ll need for your particular business field but we’ll also find your appropriate accommodation in Paris. Nothing to worry about, we’ll find you a room in a shared flat or a host family.

What to do during my internship stay in Paris ?

First of all, you should visit! Everything: from “Les Champs Elysées” to “Montmartre” passing by the “Eiffel Tower” or the «Arc de Triumph». Paris has some magical places and sites that will guarantee you a once in a lifetime experience.

Then you should attend some cultural performances! Paris is unsurpassed as a cultural center, from 3 world-class orchestras, the ballet, operas and concerts of every imaginable style of music!

If you are a history enthusiast, get your entrances for such museums as Orsay and its collection of Impressionists, the Louvre or Louis XIV’s palace, «Versailles»!

If you are more of a fashion victim, Right Bank is definitely the place you need to go shopping. You will find there everything you need and even more!

And after a big day of work at your internship company, why not going to the Latin Quarter on the left Seine river side and enjoying a good beer or some of the best wines in the world while talking philosophy with your friends?

So, come on, get your internship abroad thanks to our work placement agency and live a unique experience in one of the most prestigious cities in the world!


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