Your internship in Ireland

Find your perfect internship in Ireland with us and immerse yourself into the warm and welcoming island while enhancing your professional career. Discover the Celtic culture and improve your English while meeting new international friends in one of those famous Irish Pubs!

Internship package for Ireland

Your INTERNSHIP package for Ireland includes the services:

  • Internship – Personalised support
  • You can also associate additional services upon request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase)

The internship service

  • An interview with your personal Internship Makers agent
  • A review of your resume
  • Proposals of internship offers in Ireland matching your expectations, skills and level of English
  • A personalised coaching session before the interview with the company to ensure your success
  • The organisation of an interview appointment with the company
  • The signature of your internship agreement

The personalised support

  • A personal Internship Makers agent for all your questions and requests
  • A practical handbook guide about life in Ireland 
  • A «smooth stay» monitoring support service
  • A map of Ireland 
  • Getting you in contact with other students in Ireland 


Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment

Accommodation package for Ireland 

Your ACCOMMODATION package for Ireland  includes the services:

  • Accommodation – Personalised support.
  • You can also associate additional services on request (According to the rate applicable at the date of purchase).


  • The search for your accommodation in Ireland : a room in a shared apartment or a host family according to your preferences
  • A place close to the location of your host company
  • A rent within your budget (as far as possible)
  • Pictures and description of the flat or the host family before acceptance
  • All accommodations are furnished and equipped
  • Reception of the keys and incoming/outgoing walk-thru inventory
  • The option to switch accommodation (based on a valid reason and availability)


Internship Makers fees are fixed and only payable once (not monthly), they do not include the monthly rent of the accommodation.
Requested additional services are not included in this price; feel free to contact us for a quote.
Payable via secured bank transfer payment


Extra services for your internship in Ireland


Transfer Arrival / Departure


English courses
at a qualified language school

Why is Ireland a great destination for your internship in English ?

Located in the north-west of Europe, Ireland is well-known for its stunning green countryside, its fascinating lakes and its many charming counties; not to mention the legendary generosity and sense of hospitality of the Irish people. If you are searching for an inspiring destination for your next internship abroad, Ireland is where you need to go. You are sure to receive a friendly welcome there!

What kind of internship opportunities for me in Ireland ?

The island is the seventh largest provider of financial services in Europe and the world's second largest exporter of software. Its capital Dublin, hosts the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) a major European financial centre and the city is home to the European headquarters of many leading ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies such as Google, Amazon, Paypal or Microsoft for instance. Sounds like a good destination to improve your English while learning under the supervision of the most qualified mentors of the industry, right? Sign up now for our work placement program and take off for an extraordinary internship in Ireland !

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices production and exportation are also very important industries in Ireland. However, if you are studying business, marketing or tourism and these technical sectors do not look very appealing to you, do not worry, we have plenty of other internship offers for Ireland. So come on check them out!

A work placement in Ireland will give your resume this foreign touch that it may currently be lacking of. By interning in an English-speaking country, you will not only do considerable progress in English, but also learn new approaches and new techniques as you will be immersed in a different work culture.

What to do during my internship stay in Ireland ?

Additionally, while interning in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to visit Newgrange, one of the most remarkable prehistoric sites in Europe, climb the 612 steps to Skellig Michael’s monastery, or admire the thousands of columns of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Of course you may be working and learning a lot during this traineeship abroad but do not forget to enjoy your free time to discover the wonderful Irish culture by trying Gaelic football or Hurling for instance, or by tasting some of the best beers in the world, especially on St Patrick’s day ! Come on, Irish pubs are worldly recognized for their unique friendly and casual atmosphere, so what about meeting people and listening to good local live bands while drinking a Guinness? In cities such as Dublin, Cork, Belfast or Galway you will also find a lot of night clubs and bars to dance all night long! And if you are very courageous you could even go surfing in Bundoran the next morning.

Because that’s where lie the beauty of going on an internship in a foreign country:

Interning abroad is not only a professional experience; it is a complete adventure that could change your life!




The world renowned hospitality of the Irish people and the great city feeling that the Irish capital has to offer will make your work placement in Dublin a remarkable experience abroad for sure !