At Internship Makers we do all we can to ensure you the most successful internship experience abroad. We have recruited the best agents to better understand your needs and provide you with a tailored service. Recruitment, business relation, international relation, education professionals etc. Each of our agents speaks at least 3 different languages. We have very good team cohesion and always come to work with a smile on our face. We are happy and proud to help and support hundreds of young people to realize their dream of starting an internship in a foreign country every year!

marie-ange gourves-durand


Marie-Ange is French. She is the “Chef d’orchestre” (conductor) of the merry band. She decides on the company's main orientations. She is the calm and thoughtful type. Very compassionate, she manages the team taking good care of making everyone feel at ease and at home. However, be sure you get the details right as she is a perfectionist!



Eva is French with Spanish origins. She is the Business Developer Manager of Internship Makers. She spends her time on the phone or running from meetings to events to get the best internship offers for you. Straightforward, she is never afraid to speak her mind. However, if you need assistance for something, she is the person you want to speak to. She is Internship Makers’ kind of Dr. House



Iris is a Marketing and Customer Care Executive. Half French and half Dutch (only when she wants to), she is a very kind and patient person. You’ll find her to be the sort of person you can’t hate! But above all, she is a very professional employee.



Business Development Executive, Mel is our favourite Irish guy. Always cracking weird but funny jokes, eating Kiwis with the skin and making everyone laugh. He is the guy to go to for snorkeling advice, but bring a pint of Guinness if so! Ask him to teach you a few Irish words, we guarantee it’s worthwhile.



French with British origins, Chloé is our most cheerful Customer Care Agent. She is the privileged contact for students. She can be a bit clumsy sometimes, spilling or dropping things. Always with a smile, she will interview you to understand your internship project and select the best offers for you.  And she will do all of this, with her natural kindness.



Coming from her beloved Haute Savoy mountains (France), Coline is our Partner Account Executive. From scheduling interviews to getting your internship agreement completed and signed, she is in permanent contact with our partner companies and NGOs to secure your work placement and arrange every single detail for you. Want to motivate her? Promise her a jar of Nutella and she will flip the world upside down for you!



Business Development Executive, Grace is originally from Sudan, but grew up in London. Always looking out for our students, she coaches them in English and gives great advice for interviews. Better not get on her bad side, this princess is a feisty one, but cares for her co-workers in her own special way.



Of Indian and Pakistani origin and having grown up in the heart of Africa, Loïc is involved in a bit of “everything”. He is our little genius; he always has good ideas and takes only a few seconds to make them reality. Marketing, website design, accounting, negotiation, customer care etc. everything interests him and he excels in each of these areas. And that’s not all, he is also completely bilingual French – English.



Sales executive, Harold is French, he is the charming ladies guy. Well connected and ambitious, he has great people skills. He advises all students about our destinations, internships, and accommodation to make sure that we will offer them the package that best suits their profile.



Audrey works in the Business development department, making sure we get the best internship opportunities for our students. She has a funny ritual of having an ice cream every morning when she gets to work. Calm and cool like the ice creams she loves so much she is the perfect person to play pranks on



Jennifer was born in Canada and grew up in Malta; she is in charge of Marketing. She is always full of good ideas for improving Internship Makers interactions with students. She can be very persuasive and never gives up.