Why recruit an intern?

Hiring an intern as a startup

If you are a start-up entrepreneur and you never hired anyone, you may be struggling with one or several of the following questions: Is it the right time to hire someone? What will I do if we lose a business and I don’t have enough work for my employee anymore? Or even: What if the person I recruit is not matching my expectations? Well, the good news is taking an intern on board could be your first “safe” move towards hiring. Indeed, opening your company’s doors to a student for a limited period of time will allow you to check how things go and maybe even hire this intern at the end of the training period.

Why is it better if your interns come from other countries?

You recruit international students because the best talents are not always next door

When it comes to recruiting the most talented employees for your company, the best candidates aren’t always located a few miles away from your company, right? Well, the same rule applies for interns. Sometimes, the most valuable students can be from another country or even from another continent!

The good news is: that’s no longer a problem! New technologies and laws made it very easy for companies to recruit worldwide. Nowadays, companies are no longer limited to their local labour market, and they are starting to understand how big this opportunity is. International recruiting is going to be the next competitiveness battle. Are you ready to compete?

International interns can help you build an efficient approach for foreign markets

If you are thinking about opening a new market abroad, or if you already opened it but sales aren’t increasing as fast as you expected them to do, hiring an international intern could be a wise move for your company. Indeed, this international student will give you access to local knowledge and insights from the region you are targeting. He or she will perfectly know the country’s culture and language, and within a few months, your intern could considerably improve the company’s ties with customers or clients from this market.

You want to widen your perspectives by hiring international trainees

If you want to keep your company at the cutting edge of technology, constantly innovating, then you might want to increase your staff diversity. Taking international students on board for their internships could be an efficient way to do so. Indeed, it is well-known that people handle situations differently according to their cultural background. Hence, the more multicultural is your team the more diversified will be the solutions they bring on the table to solve a problem. International trainees will trigger creativity and bring new points of view in your company.

You mentor international students because you are an entrepreneur

It’s part of your mentality: one day, you woke up and you decided that your products and/or services will help people for something. It can be anything: from enabling people’s houses to stay cool in summer and warm in winter (air-conditioning), to creating affordable travels or constructing eco-friendly buildings… Improving the world we are living in and making things change (or at least work better) is part of your personality. So why not help these young students from over the world improve their level of languages and gain a valuable international experience while training at your company? Are you ready to help them become the international young professionals they are meant to be?

The age-old question: Will I have to pay my interns?

Well, in some countries such as France for instance, you will have to give an allowance (“compensation” in French) to your interns by law. Right now, it’s about 554 EUR.

In most of the other countries such as Spain, the UK, Malta, Ireland… you are free to decide whether you pay your interns or not and how much you pay them.

However, be the good guy!

First of all, if you are looking to attract the brightest interns to fill your internship positions you should consider paying them competitively. Wouldn’t you do so, if you were looking for an employee?

Secondly, interns will be more productive, loyal and committed towards your company if you give them some allowance. Even if it is not that much, they will feel more valued and will interest themselves more in your business.

Finally, by giving allowance to your interns you make sure you open your internship opportunities to candidates from all social backgrounds - not just the ones who can afford to take an unpaid internship.

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